Tackle Compliance
and fraud Prevention While Reducing Costs

Reduce your concerns and increase your sales. We protect finance companies, auto dealers, and consumers by facilitating a compliant and efficient solution.

Compliant Sales Process With Technology.

Eunifi is a technology driven solution to the most challenging and tedious parts of the automotive business. Paperwork and Compliance.

By recreating a proper sales transaction through a digital step by step process, we are able to tackle even the most complicated parts of compliance and fraud prevention.

A Customer Centric Approach

Eunifi systems allow the customer to prequalify with a soft credit pull at the beginning of the sales process, allowing the sales staff to focus on qualified customers, while reducing dealership credit costs, and increasing online lead generation.

  • Streamlined Digitized Process
  • Secure Platform
  • Consumer Mobile App
  • Instore Kiosks

Streamline, Digitize & Unify The Paperwork Process

Digital Deal Jacket

Upgrade your paper files with a Clean Deal Jacket and Compliant Digital file, ensuring regulatory requirements are met and any potential issues are eliminated.

One Unified Dashboard

A clean and organized overview of all transactions. With user friendly functionality that makes it easy to manage and utilize all features.

Soft-Pull Credit Scores

No impact to a consumers credit score, full credit report, increased online leads and prequalify upfront. All at a lower cost.

VIN Decoder

Conveniently located inside Eunifi’s platform, making it super easy to access vehicle information.

Secure Customer Information

Eunifi replaces outdated systems and processes with a secure platform that meets regulatory requirements in collecting and storing (NPI) Non Public Information.

Compliant & Consistent Sales Process

Replicate the sales process the right way every single time in compliance with industry regulations.